propietorMerit Mixed Secondary School, Okurighwre - Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State was founded by the Proprietress / Director of Studies - Late Mrs. Victoria Nzolonwaneka Oweleke Iduh (who passed on on the 18th of November 2003) on the 18th January, 1993. Merit Mixed Secondary School, a Government approved privately owned secondary school meant to respond to the express desire of the society for a post primary education with conducive learning environment for uninterrupted educational programme for serious minded students...Click to read more



meritogoIt is usually educating for me to watch the television channels that focus on nature, especially animals in the wild. We learn how they are able to grow in their environment, adapt to the environment and if necessary move away from their habitat when the actions of man has caused a disaster. In a certain documentary I watched, I noticed – as was explained by the presenter - that days before the impact of a Tsunami or earthquake, the animals all moved away in their numbers. In some instances, the way they rushed passed the neighbouring towns and villages, gave the hunters and those who can study the animals the warning that nature was about to unleash a violent response to man’s action. When man had disturbed the environment selfishly by building across water channels and the likes, nature responds with venom that man cannot curtail... Click to read more



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